Upcy­cling is pop­u­lar­ly under­stood as a process in which an old or useless mate­r­i­al is con­vert­ed into prod­ucts of higher value. Due to the deple­tion of natural resources and changes in society, this prin­ci­ple is gaining increas­ing relevance.

Biochar is also more than just a simple recy­cling product. The carbon pro­duc­tion process does not simply recycle bio­genic mate­r­i­al. The mostly surplus biomass (green waste, screen residues, fruit seeds, manure, liquid manure, coconut shells, etc.) are gently car­bonized to new prod­ucts such as energy, feeding char or acti­vat­ed carbon and refined.

In addi­tion to ener­getic and mate­r­i­al upcy­cling, biochar also has another invalu­able benefit: The CO2 foot­print is improved in two ways. If biochar is addi­tion­al­ly intro­duced into the soil, large quan­ti­ties of carbon can be stored and removed from the atmosphere.

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