Sonnen­erde – a pro­duc­er of high quality soils – does not believe it is suf­fi­cient to just dispose of biomass.

Most com­post­ing plants are not inter­est­ed in the pro­duc­tion of high-quality com­posts, but only in waste dis­pos­al. The sep­a­rate col­lec­tion of biowaste has trig­gered a com­post­ing boom, which has greatly damaged the rep­u­ta­tion of compost. Com­posts are offered on the market that really do not deserve the name “compost” – black, charred, mal­odor­ous; these finely sieved masses are not only sold, but also used to the detri­ment of the plants.
Frus­trat­ed by these facts, I decided to build my own compost and soil plant.….…. The aim of this plant is to produce the best pos­si­ble compost qual­i­ties and, con­se­quent­ly, the best pos­si­ble soils.

Author: Sonnen­erde