Two farms use biochar in their stables: one with sheep, vine­yards and crops and the other a pig farm. One farm works accord­ing to organic guide­lines, the other accord­ing to con­ven­tion­al methods as part of BG Iseli, a Swiss can­ton­al company. In both farms, the use of biochar has been ben­e­fi­cial: fewer antibi­otics, less claw prob­lems, reduced emis­sions, gen­er­al­ly health­i­er animals and better plant growth. Read more in the article in “Die Grüne”, leading trade mag­a­zine for Swiss agriculture…
Orig­i­nal article (German): Schwarzes Gold bindet Gift­stoffe (Black gold binds toxins)
Author: Aline Küenzi
Pub­lished in: die grüne, Nr. 14/2014