A global humus build-up of only 1% would be suf­fi­cient to reduce the CO2 content of the atmos­phere to a safe level. In their book “Die Humus­rev­o­lu­tion” (Oekom Verlag 2017), the authors Scheub and Schwarz­er present strate­gies in which biochar plays a key role in reviv­ing the degrad­ed soils of this earth, improv­ing yields and saving the climate. The book is a pas­sion­ate plea for a respon­si­ble use of our soils and food, full of com­pre­hen­sive infor­ma­tion and uncom­pli­cat­ed prac­ti­cal tips. After all, the authors want to achieve one thing in par­tic­u­lar: to inspire as many people as pos­si­ble to play an active role, imme­di­ate­ly if possible…
Orig­i­nal article (German) Die Humus­rev­o­lu­tion. Wie wir den Boden heilen, das Klima retten und die Ernährungswende schaf­fen (The humus rev­o­lu­tion. How we heal the soil, save the climate and bring about a change in food supply)
Author: Ute Scheub, Stefan Schwarzer
Pub­lished in: oekom verlag